Letter Taps for iOS Is Available Now!

I’m happy to announce that Artistry’s first commercial game is officially available in the iOS App Store!

Update: Letter Taps is also now available at Google Play!

Another Update: The iPad update is live! Enjoy!

Letter Taps is a project close to my heart, based on a simple program I created to help my son learn his letters and numbers. Over the past five months–with the help of a very small team–we’ve turned that humble prototype into something we’re all extremely proud of.

In addition to creating the game and using it as a teaching aid for my son, I have had a blast sharing the project with other parents, demo’ing for kids in numerous classrooms, and sharing excitement with teachers along the way. Discount licensing is available for applicable educational organizations registered with the App Store.

If you have a young player in mind who may benefit from help with counting and learning the alphabet, please give it a look on iOS now or Android very soon.

If you are press, a blogger, a podcaster, or an enthusiastic tweeter who covers projects of this type, I’ve done my best to do the hard part for you with this press kit. I will not be hard to reach.

Thanks to everyone who has followed along during the game’s development. We’ll keep you posted on how it’s doing!

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