Letter Taps Has Reached the Google Play Store!

Artistry’s educational indie game Letter Taps is now available on the Google Play store!

A quick, seamless port to the Android system wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many friends during an impromptu community play session across a wide variety of Android devices. Thanks again to all who participated.

Just like on iOS, Letter Taps qualifies for discounted licensing for educational organizations who have registered with the app store. It’s also eligible for Google Play’s Family Library program.

Please pass this page along if you know any parents of young children learning letters and counting to support this project!

If you are a content creator who focuses on education, there is an official press kit including project details, screenshots, the official trailer, and even a link to the downloadable soundtrack here on the site. A limited number of promotional keys are available. If you have already covered Letter Taps, please send a link for cross-promotional purposes!

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