Artistry’s Founder at Educational App Talk

EdAppTalk is a long-running Facebook event hosted by TeachersWithApps, intended to introduce teachers, parents, and wellness professionals to the best educational and developmental apps for kids. Each week, a guest from the app creation side is invited to interact with members, answer questions, and share their perspective.

Artistry founder Todd Mitchell will host a group discussion this Thursday (6/22/17) to talk about Letter Taps! Attendees can look forward to loads of information about this unique category of game development, they’ll have a chance to receive one of several promo codes for a free copy of the game, and they may just be the first to hear a new game announcement!

Educational App Talk on Facebook is a closed group, so if you fit in with the target audience and want to take advantage of these great free events in the future, you have to request to join on Facebook! Hope to see you there!


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