Questions and Answers from Artistry at EdAppTalk

Artistry founder, Todd Mitchell, was invited to host last week’s EdAppTalk (introduced here) and participate in a Q&A session for a closed group of nearly 4,000 child development professionals. Below is a compilation of questions from the group, and their answers. Much of the content is edited for clarity. EdAppTalk will be listed as EAT below, with specifics about the participant where it’s helpful. Continue reading


Artistry’s Founder at Educational App Talk

EdAppTalk is a long-running Facebook event hosted by TeachersWithApps, intended to introduce teachers, parents, and wellness professionals to the best educational and developmental apps for kids. Each week, a guest from the app creation side is invited to interact with members, answer questions, and share their perspective. Continue reading


Letter Taps Has Reached the Google Play Store!

Artistry’s educational indie game Letter Taps is now available on the Google Play store!

A quick, seamless port to the Android system wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many friends during an impromptu community play session across a wide variety of Android devices. Thanks again to all who participated. Continue reading