Press Kit: Letter Taps

Game Info

    • Description – Letter Taps introduces young players to letters and numbers using a flashcard-style teaching method, multiple-choice guessing, and special screens designed for self-guided learning.
    • Official Trailer:

  • Screen Shots:
  • Key Features:
    • Teaches the uppercase alphabet
    • Teaches the lowercase alphabet
    • Teaches the numbers 1 through 25
    • Tests young players using a lighthearted multiple-choice quiz game
    • Soundboards for independent play
  • Downloadable Soundtrack Letter Taps: The Official Soundtrack
  • What others have to say:
    • “This super cool new app for kids does simple things beautifully!”
      – Mitchell Kriegman, creator, Clarissa Explains It All, Bear in the Big Blue House
    • 100/100 AppBrain score, free of any privacy/permission concerns or aggressive ads
      -App Brain
    • 8.0 Usability Score
      – The Popular Apps
  • Release Date: 
    • February 10, 2017 (iOS)
    • February 21, 2017 (Android)
  • PlatformsiOS App Store, Google Play
  • Price – $0.99, bulk licensing discount available for educational organizations
  • Contact:
  • Company Bio – Artistry Master Systems is a US Midwest-based developer of independent video games. Founded in August 2016 by Todd Mitchell, Artistry’s “Artistry Kids” product line focuses on educational games for children based on learning tools Todd created for his son. Artistry aims to create a variety of gaming and software products for players of all ages.

Downloadable press kit, including official press release: Press Kit